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lohnPayroll Accounting

Economic success is based not only on a good product, a new service, a balanced pricing policy, exceptional advertising or carefully controlling, it is also the success of motivated and satisfied employees at all levels of an organization. The one who knows how to use the potential of its employees in its entirety fully, the one who appreciates them and involves them in the decision making processes and is able to ensure the transparency of company’s internal processes and issues, will be most successful as entrepreneurs also in the long run.  Employees who see themselves as part of their company and enjoy contributing each day to the growth of the company are, therefore, an important part of the success formula. By convincingly shown respect, individual appreciation and respectable benefits awarded by the company to its employees, they are also prepared and highly motivated to deal with the daily job requirements.  The payroll accounting provided by BBC, according to the range of services detailed below, acts for its clients as an outsourced HR department and provides advice and assistance to your employees.

  • Preparation of the current payroll accounting
  • Evaluation of the time sheets
  • Management of payroll accounts and ongoing master data maintenance
  • Monthly corporate standard reports
    • Payroll journal
    • Income tax notification
    • Statements of the health insurance contributions paid
    • Payment transfer medium for employees, health insurance fund, supplementary benefits, tax authorities
  • Reports for the social insurance, registration and repeals, registration of changes
  • End of the year assessments with annual remuneration slip for the wage tax card
  • Annual reports for pension insurance
  • Annual reports for the German Employers’ Liability Insurance Associations
  • Support during the audits performed by the tax authority, artists’ social insurance, social insurance and employers’ liability insurance associations
  • All forms and reports, proof of earnings certificates
  • Advice on minor and short-term employment
  • Consultation on payroll accounting for posting of workers abroad
  • Advice on foreign workers
  • Advice on issues related to wage tax and social insurance
  • Advice on matters concerning the ostensible self-employment
  • Calculation of employers’ total burden
  • Individual income planning
  • Advice for the employee in the choice of the tax class
  • Correspondence with all authorities
  • Advice on future benefits services, retirement