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historieThe history of BBC

The owner, Beata Baroth, established BBC in March 1996. An architect of Düsseldorf placed the first order.

Today, 15 years later and much more experienced, BBC includes a trust and tax advice company, being a reputed advising company in many fields. In addition to our establishments abroad and due to our specialisation in international law, we have successfully specialised in the application process for funding, among other also for start-ups, provided by the EU and also by Germany.

We always put people and their existence and the existence of their families and our staff as our top priority, regardless of sales figures and the amount of taxable income and, perhaps, this was the secret of our success.

In the last 15 years, we have successfully overcome many challenges for our clients. With our well-established team, we wait for new opportunities to prove, at any time, our expertise, creativity, quality and ambition.