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laufendCurrent tax advice

Our tax advice services include assistance in all tax matters of all legal forms of companies as well as for individuals.

In this respect, tax consulting and planning is the most important and extensive range of our consulting activities in tax matters. This includes both tax advice on corporate restructuring and mergers and acquisitions as well as the determination of the optimal design alternatives in the private as well as in the entrepreneurial sector. As part of the comprehensive advice in all ongoing tax matters, we process and prepare corporate and personal tax declarations. In addition, we assist our clients in external tax audits, non-judicial remedies and take over the representation before tax authorities. Our scope of services also includes the continuous information on fiscal developments at home and abroad.

In this area, BBC provides the following services:

  • Ongoing tax, annual accounts and declaration advice:
  • Preparation of the annual financial statements or advisory assistance in the preparation of the financial statements with or without explanatory report and annexes
  • Preparation of the special and supplementary tax balance sheets, opening and interim balance sheets, dissolution balance sheets
  • Preparation of the statements on excess of receipts over expenses
    • for freelancers
    • for small businesses
    • preparation of a simplified annual financial statement
    • review of the compliance with all record keeping requirements
    • automatic check of the regularity of the documents
  • Determination of the net income from other types of income
    • Renting and land lease
    • Capital assets
    • Salaried work
    • Other incomes under the Income Tax Act
  • Advisory assistance in all tax matters for annual financial statements and on matters of balance and tax accounting law
  • Preparation of all ongoing tax declarations
    • Income tax
    • Corporate income tax
    • Trade tax
    • VAT
    • Notices of assessment
    • Other types of taxes
  • Representation in tax matters before all tax authorities and conduct of the entire correspondence
  • Examination of tax assessment notice and administrative acts of the tax authorities, professional associations, chambers of commerce and chambers of crafts
  • Preparation of all kind of applications, such as requests of respite, reductions etc.
  • Support and assistance with tax audits. Audits of the social security institutions, professional associations or unemployment offices
  • Guidance of redress / oppositions procedures
  • Obtaining firm commitments for the revenue authorities
  • Information about the current legal situation of certain tax matters
  • Representation before tax courts
  • Preparation of proposals and advice on granting of
    • Capital investment subsidies
    • Employee savings bonuses
    • or similar applications