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gestaltendCreative Tax Advising

Creative tax advising is our service, when it comes to tax issues of particular importance. Before you make your private or corporate policy decisions, we offer you our advice.

When it comes to your future ….

We seek together with you the appropriate organizational form and optimize the processes in your company.  The ownership structure is also our theme as well as private asset management with regard to your financial and personal goals.

We stand at your side when it comes to national and international issues for tax-efficient business succession, asset transfer or succession.

We analyze your tax risks, develop shaping alternatives and provide you with this decision-making tool for the corporate and investment purchase or sale.

… we help you to decide

  • Choice of the legal form and tax burden comparison
  • Planning and implementation of the tax planning concepts in your business
  • Development of an optimal tax concept for propriety sale
  • Tax optimization in the private property transfer
  • Tax optimization in the transfer of business assets
  • Tax-efficient property transfers between business and private sphere
  • Business succession
  • Appraisal of businesses
  • Support for the buyer in developing a tax-efficient financing of its commitment
  • Design of the tax recovery of the acquisition costs
  • Conversions, mergers, spin-offs
  • Spin-offs and lease concepts
  • Profit optimization suggestions
  • Corporate performance indicators and industry benchmarks
  • Measures related to anticipated succession
  • Tax-efficient shaping of the corporate finance
  • Employee share ownership plans
  • Advice in connection with investment aid and support measures
  • Advice in crisis situations of your company
  • Analysis of perceived private costs taking into consideration the business purposes or partial business purpose
  • Suggestion on the ways to use flat rates
  • Configuration of contracts (between related parties; CEO employment contracts, leasing agreements, etc.)
  • Advice on the impact of corporate and private decisions on the amount of your income tax
  • Check of the financing alternatives in terms of their tax effects
  • Corporate court disputes