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existenzBusiness start-up advice

In order to move the world, you need to move yourself first!

On your way into the freelance work or commercial activity, during entering into franchise agreements and during the establishment of all kind of companies, BBC ensures that your “venture” will remains within safe limits.  BBC accompanies with all its expertise the entrepreneurs in all required fields on your way to business success.

In order to develop your business idea optimally, we support you, for example in the analysis of the general liability risks as well as a special risks, in your requests for funding as well as with the bureaucracy hurdles and bank negotiations.

Thanks to its deep familiarity with companies, since its very beginning, BBC is able to   rapidly and precisely develop the right solutions for you also in the future.

In this area provides the BBC the following services:

  • Choice of the legal form
  • Advice on corporate and other business start-ups
  • Assistance in the preparation of the corporate concepts
  • Profit planning, capital planning and financial planning
  • Cost / benefit analysis, liquidity calculation
  • Reporting and entry requirements, approvals, licenses
  • Identification of personal requirements and skills for starting a business
  • Assistance within personnel decisions
  • Level of CEO compensation
  • Assistance during the negotiations with the bank
  • Assistance in setting up accounting and filing systems
  • General business advice